Our Facility

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Mount Hunger

Solstice Farm sits at the base of Mt Hunger in Monterey, MA. There is interesting Native American folklore about Mt Hunger: There was a ritual for one to find themselves, face themselves and gain a deep knowledge of what they hunger for, what creates peace and well-being for self... The ritual involved being on the mountain, alone, naked and ultimately receiving this information. Although just folklore, there seems to be  something about the area that offers both seeking and discovering.

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The Barn

The barn was completed in November 2015 and is the heart of Solstice; possibly because it is "home" for the horses and a place we can all connect. The horses are not confined to stalls but roam in and out as they wish. Their presence in this building brings a peaceful, grounding energy that we all feel and appreciate. Our sessions always start and end in the barn.

The pasture

The pasture opened for business September 2016. Lovely grass, on a rolling hill... Most appreciated by our herd. This achievement was made possible by Esther and John Heffernan.



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our trails

We have lovely trails for our horses and students to enjoy. Some of our trails have themes; the Bird or Turtle Trails and some are destinations; the River or Bear Cave Trails. But they all connect us more deeply with nature and our horses. Credit for our creative trail design and labor goes to our "foreman" John Heffernan.

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Horse Care

Caring for our horses is a priority. We mindfully attend to both their physical and emotional well-being; which is one of the best parts of the "job"! We also teach these skills as a priority to all of our students.

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Future Tolt Track!

We currently have a riding arena and are designing a tolt track for training. We hope to break ground in Spring 2017! Donations accepted!